Chaka2 goes Clubhouse

Chaka2 goes Clubhouse

What is Clubhouse? How does the new app work? What is the “Invite-only” principle?
Wait- what? In just a few days, the new social media platform “Clubhouse” has gone viral. Instagram and LinkedIn profiles were full of posts about the new app – and asking if anyone has an “invite” left to share it.

But what is Clubhouse exactly? And why are we jumping on board?
Clubhouse is an app that was already founded in March 2020 and is based on the principle of audio-only – a kind of live podcast to listen to and engage with. It is a new networking site where experts from all over the world can discuss and exchange ideas about various topics and most importantly – share their knowledge with others! “People come together by talking” – and exactly from this reason the app works perfectly.
Currently, only IOS users can download and use the app. However, to use the app you need an invitation from an already registered user. Otherwise, you can put yourself on a “waiting list” with your phone number. Contacts from your contact book who are already registered can unlock you as well. Each user has a limited number of “Invites” which they can send out. The more active you are on Clubehouse, the more invites you “earn”.

The linguistic exchange takes place in so-called “rooms” which are hosted by one or more moderators. In closed rooms only selected people can enter, but in public rooms everyone can participate in the conversations. As a listener you can also participate in a conversation and “raise your hand” (btw: hold the button longer and you can change the skin tone of your hand ;)). Whether you are allowed to speak or not is decided individually by the moderators.
Don’t forget: There is of course a calendar function where you can save in your calendar the most exciting conversations and you will be reminded via push message to open the app in time.

Clubhouse is a very exciting app based on linguistic exchange. You meet new people, follow them on Instagram and, in the best case, network in everyday (professional) life. You get the opportunity to get closer to people and, above all, to learn a lot – for free.
The founder of Chaka2, Martin Kaswurm, is also on Clubhouse. He also uses this platform to share his knowledge and exchange ideas about the sports event industry and company foundations. Follow @mkaswum on Clubhouse if you want to know more about Chaka2.

Clubhouse may play a big role for some companies and events in the future. Let’s see where the journey with Clubehouse goes – but currently we like to be on the audio-based social media network.

See you @Clubhouse!