Chaka2 was instructed to find 8 new cities in 8 states that would meet all of the requirements. The search found the cities of Bischofshofen, Gmunden, Hard, Hartberg, Neusiedl am See, Wiener Neustadt, Wolfsberg and Wörgl which were motivated to participate. The week-long efforts of Hard were rewarded: On the 19th of October 2019 the Red Bull & Ö3 Konzertspektakel circus opened its doors in the Stedepark and around 5,000 music fans gazed upon a spectacular program in amazement. Alongside silk acrobatics, the Red Bull Skydive Team, a magician, 4 spectacular jesters and a Brass Band was a German and Austrian incredible Line-Up for a superb show, which Austria had never seen before.

A worthy opening of this brilliant evening was made by the Austrian German-Pop-Queen Mathea. As soon as the charismatic musician Josh. entered the stage with his entire band and his typical Viennese wit and started to play the song about a woman with the last name “Grün”, everybody in the circus tent went wild.

The third act in this evening was Lena – with heaps of hits and a well detailed and fluent Live-Show on stage. The talented artist from Hannover skilfully switched between a classic Pop-Rock-Sound, electronic beats and acoustic sessions. Lena owned the stage and gave it her all. Especially with her most recent single „Better“, in collaboration with Nico Santos, the catchy tune echoed through the whole circus tent in Hard and could still be heard ten minutes after the song had ended.

The lights dimmed and Cro’s intro began. The band started their show with the song “Easy”, the curtain dropped with the arrival of the panda on stage. In the first 90 seconds of his show he intentionally didn’t perform the vocal parts and allowed the 5,000 people to sing his lyrics. The entire circus tent jumped around, danced and sung out their hearts. For the audience his Live-Show, flooded with hits, created euphoria from his very first note to his last when he left the stage. After a short break, the DJ-Duo MÖWE turned the circus ring into a huge dancefloor and cranked up the party for one last time.

An unforgettable night in Hard, which will be spoken about for a very long time.

Here you can watch an 18-minute clip packed with highlights from the unforgettable Red Bull & Ö3 Konzertspektakel 2019: