Home Office – Something New

Home Office – Something New

The highly topical coronavirus crisis leads to social challenges in addition to many other repercussions. In relation to the world of work, the current situation and the initial restrictions that have been triggered are forcing companies to temporarily switch to home offices.
Some companies have had no home office experience until now and are thus faced with an obstacle that can have both advantages and disadvantages. Many also see this phase as an opportunity for themselves and their employees to grow. Working from the kitchen table, comfortable clothes, no more meetings or traffic jams on the way to work. The coronavirus crisis brings this innovation – working from home – into the daily work routine. For employees in particular, this is a symbol of freedom, creativity and flexibility. On the pro side, the home office can save time and also contribute significantly to the creative development process of certain projects.
But like almost everything else, the current home office tendency also has its dark sides. There is no more face-to-face meetings, no more joint coffee breaks and no chance encounters. The lack of social contacts and comradery weigh heavily on the negative side.


We, the Chaka2 team, would like to give you a few tips on how to manage your home office everyday life and navigate the suddenly new life situation well.

  • It is essential that you maintain your usual rhythm, like going to bed at the usual time and setting your alarm clock in the morning, so that you can continue your normal daily routine.
  • Even if nobody sees you during home office (except through the webcam), put on normal clothes and do not stay in the one you slept in.
  • Try not to fall into laziness and clearly separate your work area from your living area.
  • Set up your workplace nicely and especially in a bright place.
  • Think about enough movement, because the way to the office is missing.
  • Try to prioritize your to-dos.
  • Make regular video calls with your colleagues and try to keep yourself up-to-date despite the circumstances.


We, the Chaka2 team, are now working from home and pay particular attention to these points. Besides regular calls, zoom meetings and the attempt to stay in constant contact, we also schedule team virtual lunch breaks every now and then.

However, the basis for efficient work in the home office requires a high level of self-discipline. In my opinion, the ability to use a home office is extremely important. But I would not strive for a 100% home office, as it simply lacks the social contacts that are highly relevant and important for the team spirit.