Home Workout

Home Workout

Now the time has come when no one can avoid sports any longer. You don’t even have to leave your flat to get into a training facility. Doing a workout in the middle of your living room is practical and can be easily integrated into everyday life. Many of you are probably wondering what kind of equipment you should use for your home workout. We simply recommend changing to a training where you do exercises with your own bodyweight.

Numerous fitness studios now offer live workouts for their members. In this case you can put your computer in front of you on the living room floor and start your workout. Also well-known fitness instructors such as Fernanda Brandao started a daily live workout for her Instagram community to join in.

On social media channels you can see daily different sport challenges or home workout tips and tricks. People get really creative in times like these.

On the Austrian website “1000 things do to in Austria” there is a great article about yoga via livestream, so nothing stands in the way of a comfortable yoga session for beginners or advanced students in the middle of your living room. It’s worth trying out!


I also found some great home workout videos for you. For example the following one from myclubs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIWVV2XVCTvXBFbOBeIMWFw/videos

Grab your partner, roommate or pet and get started. In case you live in a flat, do not jump too loud and be considerate of your neighbour 🙂