On September 14, it was called for the first time: Raise the curtains for the commercial service providers!

The Salzburger Wirtschaftskammer honored the commercial service providers and their special services for the first time as part of the Leichtermacher Awards 2022.

Chaka2 was able to support and accompany the Salzburger Wirtschaftskammer over the last months – from the initial idea to the graphic implementation, application, submission phase and finally to the implementation of the award ceremony in the Kavalierhaus Klessheim. The Leichtermacher Award is all about the service providers in Salzburg who simplify the everyday life and work of other entrepreneurs, in line with the motto: “We make it easier!”

The 21 business groups of the Professional Services Group are the high-level business partners on an entrepreneurial eye level who contribute significantly to the workflow, efficiency, know-how and safety in the company – and all this in a predictable, plannable, tailor-made, cost-effective and competent manner.

The winners in the categories Service Provider of the Year EPU and KME, Start-up of the Year, Progress of the Year as well as Lifetime Achievement made the evening very special with their personal stories and words.

Chaka2 would like to thank the Salzburger Wirtschaftskammer for their trust and cooperation during the first edition of the Leichtermacher Award – it was a pleasure bringing this idea to life! A special thanks also goes to our enchanting host Karina Toth! It was a truly feather-light evening from which we start exhilarated into the next project.