Mountain Woman’s Talk

We reveal the power of female role models

Outdoor sports are our passion, the mountains and nature our favorite playground. It demands respect, adaptation and effort and at the same time provides the basis for great experiences and adventures. Success and failure are the school of life. We want to inspire. MORE SELF-CONFIDENCE. MORE FUN IN THE MOUNTAINS. MORE WOMEN IN OUTDOOR SPORTS.



We share mountain vibes & live community feeling
Highs and lows shape our lives. Inspiring insights and “Life Lessons” enrich and motivate us in our own activities in sports and everyday life. We want to share our experiences with young athletes, hobby athletes, parents, trainers, entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts. The Mountain Women’s Talk is the perfect place for like-minded female athletes to exchange ideas – and although digital, the sense of community and the “mountain vibes” will be felt live. MOUNTAIN WOMEN.




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