Snowvolleyball Redesign

Redesign of the logo, branding, CI, shop and merch.

We wanted to create a new sign. We wanted to be stronger. We wanted to develop a new brand. We wanted to combine snow and volleyball in one symbol, find a sign for the word. And here you can see the result: Innovative, but not too futuristic. Powerful, but not overpowering. Simple and still cool. Cold colours and at the same time dynamic. The font: stylish. Plain and simple. Smart.
We wanted to integrate the ball in a disordered form: A circle as a universal symbol with a universal meaning. It stands for perfection. Wholeness. Movement. Infinity. Surrounded by a six-sided figure, which can be found in nature in the form of a snowflake. In this context it can be seen as a symbol for the element water.