WOW – World Of Windhager

Since 1921, the Windhager company has been providing reliable, convenient and cost-effective heating with pure production in Austria. Their trademark is customer-oriented and innovative work, which enabled Windhager to develop into the most successful boiler manufacturer in Austria with around 400 employees.

 In order to bring the topic of the boiler and the importance of climate protection through regenerative heating closer to the people, the company owner, Gernot Windhager, fulfilled his dream of his own World of Windhager exhibition and experience world. The attempt is made to bring the topics energy and sustainability closer to people with the help of interactive games. In order to enable this spectacular world of experience to have an equally spectacular opening, Chaka2 was able to support Windhager with event planning and the event implementation.

 For this purpose, an opening ceremony of the WOW with an additional 100-year anniversary celebration was held on Friday, August 20, 2021 and celebrated together with numerous customers, partners, employees and the mayor of Seekirchen, Konrad Pieringer.

As a highlight, the opening and anniversary celebration was accompanied by a show bartender and the Austrian cabaret artist, Alex Christan.


World Of Windhager