ULTRA Fast = ULTRA Nice 

On 29th of August 2022 Chaka2 x Puma worked together for the first time and created a huge media event at the Sportpark Unterhaching / Munich. It was a product launch event where everything was about the new Puma ULTRA boots and #fasterfootball – the hype and vibe was real!  

Through a collection of interactive features and football related challenges at the #fastesteventever – athletes, media and influencers brought the new ULTRA’s to life! While producing as much content as they can, the invited media was able to try out the speed track to check how fast they can run 25 meters and could compare themselves to the fastest Puma athletes. Guests also showed how fast they could compete in the Skill arena with passing and shooting at the right fields as well as dribbling through a parcours with the perfect ending of getting a pass of a Pro Player and try to score on the goal. At our open pitch it was also possible to get to know the boots in a real match experience.  

With Kingsley Coman as special guest it couldn’t get any better – he was just “Too Fast For Them”.  

Chaka2 has put everything and more into this project and is more than happy to have been part of this outstanding event – one more for the books and feelings that we are taking with us!