Chaka2 x Rauch – Let`s go virtual together!

Chaka2 developed an innovative concept for the young target group of RAUCH Ice Tea. The activation took place in the form of a roadshow through Austria. Thereby in each federal state a shopping mall was chosen. At the beginning of August, the roadshow ended at the BeachVolley Nations Cup in Vienna – 6 event days full of virtual reality experience đŸ’„ On top of that, the VR experience was supplemented with a 3D cam, where you could take your very own individual souvenir photo of the BeachVolley Nations Cup. This activation was extended with a raffle on social media.

Based on market research, the question was how to engage the young generation in a digital world to create an exciting brand experience of RAUCH FruchtsÀfte.

To attarct an experiential, digital generation in “their world”, Chaka2 developed a custom virtual reality game for RAUCH FruchtsĂ€fte that unites the world of RAUCH Ice Tea and GenZ – “FRUIT SABER BATTLE”. Equipped with lightsabers, participants dove into the virtual world of RAUCH Ice Tea. After selecting #TeamLemon or #TeamPeach, participants had to use the lightsabers to smash their way through lemons and peaches flying towards them, in order to smash as many of them as possible. The VR activation was combined with the integration of an POS sweepstakes, in which promo codes of the POS sweepstakes could be unlocked by smashing “special fruits”.

As a conclusion, we can rightly claim that this VR-Experience has not only engaged the defined target group, but rather has also inspired even older people. At this point in time many people are fascinated by this still new technology and enjoyed diving into a virtual world.

Virtual reality offers an enormous variety of applications for enhancing brand experiences and creating emotion. Chaka2 has shown that they are ready for the virtual world. Let’s create your own unique virtual world together!