6 km – 600 HM – 6 challenges – 1 terrific setting

Never before have painful fitness challenges been more beautiful than this!
For those who dare, on June 9th, it goes up the mountain trails – the cows’ traditional way – starting from the valley – right across the holiday region Mayrhofen-Hippach and the sunny village of Brandberg in the Zillertal. The special feature: the way up to the Steinerkogl (6km long and 600 metres of altitude) awaits the participants with unique challenges that are quite a ripsnorter. What’s more: it’s all about who’s first! Whether you are a CrossFit-lover, a HIIT-junkie, a Tabata-enthusiast or an ambitious trail-runner: The Red Bull Almauftrieb is the event for you! Experience what it takes to get out of your comfort zone and imagine traditional but hard-hitting fitness challenges where hay, wood and milk take you to the limit.


Turn up in Beast-Mode
Proportional to how enchanting the landscape is, the obstacle run up to the top will be just as tough. While the 600 altitude-meter-high and 6km long running track challenges your stamina, the 6 obstacles you’ll encounter will take you to the limits of your strength. To make it in minimum time only one thing helps: switch in Beast-Mode!


Get in ALM-shape
We’ll help you getting in shape with the Preparation Workout Of The Day (Prep WOD) which we upload in the weeks before the event to make you well-prepared. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, all you have to do is: sign up for the Red Bull Almauftrieb on June 9th!