The IMMOunited FUTURE is now ⚡️

The IMMOunited FUTURE is now ⚡️

With 300 visitors, IMMOunited GmbH celebrated its 15th anniversary in a very spectacular way. In a specially designed HoloShow, Roland Schmid – managing director and owner of IMMOunited – from the past, the future and the present met to greet the audience.

The conception, planning and implementation of the anniversary event “FUTUREunited” was done by Chaka2, with the mission to highlight the digital pioneering of IMMOunited in the real estate industry. At the same time, it was a special need to say thank you to the companions, supporters and colleagues with a lavish celebration.

Several unique program items filled the evening with an interactive and innovative touch. Already upon entering the event location – METAstadt Vienna – guests were redirected via the basement access and guided through the company’s success story by a time tunnel.

With a VR station, the host showed what the future of the digital abstract of title will look like.

With the artist, John Petschinger, known from the TV show, Höhle der Löwen, the guests had the opportunity to dive into the NFT world.

Ali Mahlodji inspired the guests with a very emotional keynote about his own biography and gave valuable tips for a successful future.

Silvia Schneider entertained the audience with her charming manner throughout the evening. In order to celebrate the occasion cheerfully, DJ AID provided the right music, brought all guests in a party mood while acrobats provided another surprising effect.