The „Nacht der Werbung“ 2022

The „Nacht der Werbung“ 2022

A night to celebrate, cheer & enjoy. On April 26, 2022, in the course of the “Nacht der Werbung”, Salzburg’s most creative minds were awarded in various categories with the “Salzburger Landespreis” for Marketing, Communication & Design by the Salzburg’s chamber of Commerce. As in 2020, the location was the Mönchsberggarage, which gave the event a special feeling. Karina Toth as a moderator led the guests through the night and star bartender Robert Pölzl (BillionBars) provided refreshment in between at the Red Bull Bar with his signature cocktails.

Numerous guests of honor from politics and the Chamber of Commerce also attended the event. Among others, Governor Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Deputy Governor Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn, President of the Provincial Parliament Dr. Brigitta Pallauf, President of the WKS KommR Peter Buchmüller and Director of the WKS Dr. Manfred Pammer.

The “Salzburger Landespreis” is one of the most important and biggest advertising prizes in Austria. We can proudly announce that Chaka2 won the second place in the category “Events & Promotion” and congratulate all the other winners!

Chaka2 was also allowed to take over the entire conception, planning and operational implementation of this event.

Here you can find the winning agencies of the “Salzburger Landespreis” for Marketing, Communication & Design 2021/22: