WayRay turns science fiction into reality

WayRay turns science fiction into reality

3D on the road thanks to the first ever full-colour AR display in a car

WAYRAY is the first company to invent and master the technology to create a true augmented reality experience for the automotive industry and beyond. The goal behind this is to make driving safer and more fun. The information displayed via the holographic AR display is seamlessly integrated into the real world. No glasses or headgear are required. No existing head-up display can create such a vivid 3D image as the Swiss start-up’s full-colour AR display.

As the only company that has mastered the application of holography to head-up displays, WayRay is a leader in non-wearable augmented reality solutions for transportation and beyond. The displays for cars surpass any conventional HUD in terms of projection system volume, field of view and distance from the virtual image. The AR user interface can be designed for drivers and passengers, conventional vehicles and self-driving cars, as well as consumers and businesses.

One primary corporate value applies here: Do Deep Tech. Only thanks to continuous research and development are these technical innovations that distinguish the company possible and thus offer a strong competitive advantage. It is therefore understandable that companies such as Porsche and Hyundai are already interested in this technology.

We look forward to working with WayRay in the areas of marketing, strategy and consulting to actively shape what could be the most spectacular change in driving in the coming years.


Foto: © WayRay